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Soulmountain is born of the union between our passion for nature and sports. We convey our experience and share it with our customers, providing access, accommodation, and offering tailored attention during trip preparation and at travel time. Our philosophy is to design our trips with the view of the traveller in mind and our goal is to fulfill their expectations.

We pay special attention to the services that we offer. With transport, we provide safe and secure airport pick up and guided transfers to your accommodation and activity areas. With our catering services, we provide delicious and nutritious menus that can be adapted to the traveller’s needs and desires. With our accommodation we provide a variety of comfortable options with an emphasis on traditional guesthouses where the traveler feels at home.

We are a group of people with a mission and lifestyle in common, Mountain Adventure.


Piter G Padilla

Director and guide.

Piter Gomez
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Michaela Řehořková

Manager in Czech Republic and guide.

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Fraser Bonner

Manager in Canada and guide.

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Martin Staebler

Manager in Austria/Germany and guide.

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